Our Free Jewelry Appreciation Course

appraisalsAt Best Gifts Are Diamonds, we believe buying a jewellery is a very important decision, not only because jewellery is a expensive item but also the jewellery that you wear would enhance your beauty and wardrobe, make your face and skin glow naturally beautifully or impress and inspire others with your taste and designer flair.

This 2 hour program will provide an insight into the valuation of a diamond (the 4Cs and beyond) and how to differentiate between diamonds. The course will be conducted by Mr. Chia, who is our GIA trained diamond consultant with over 32 years of experience.

During the course, you will learn:

• How the diamond industry work

• Why is it important to buy conflict free diamonds.

• How to sell your diamond for the highest value.

• The importance of certification and how third party certification companies work

• Tips while buying jewellery.

• Care for your jewellery

During your visit, you may also wish to bring your jewelleries for free valuation, or for a resetting at non-commercial pricing. If you have loose pieces, we could provide you an estimate or design. If you have a design that you love, we can make some suggestions on using your loose pieces to add to the design you want or love.

Contact us today and get your seat for the free course. We are giving this service totally free of charge. There are no persistence sales persons or inexperienced consultants, just consultants who would educate you to be a more resourceful buyer and design consultancy should you require assistance.

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