Costco’s Tungsten Rings – Why Are They So Cheap?

While doing some research, I came across this query which referred traffic to another one of my blogs – Costco’s tungsten rings – why are they so cheap? This is a great question, and perfectly illustrates how the public sometimes gets confused or even hoodwinked by the jewelry industry.

Tungsten wedding rings are generally very affordable to manufacture, and have low intrinsic value. If I could import tungsten wedding rings right now, then I would probably pay about $8.00 per piece.

For some time, you could (and probably still can) find tungsten wedding rings online for between $300 to $400, and some in the $200 range.

But in my opinion, tungsten wedding rings were assigned a much higher value than what a tungsten wedding ring is actually worth and should be sold for either online or in a jewelry store.

Has the tungsten wedding ring bubble burst? Well, the tungsten supplier Trent West recently lost their lawsuit against Costco’s, and you can read the article at (Trent West, Penney’s settle tungsten carbide suit). And to gain more insight about tungsten and the jewelry industry, read Trent West Sues Other Tungsten Manufacturers.

Like similar lawsuits which plague the bigger jewelry chain stores like Zales, Tiffany & Co. vs Costco and etc…, these firms often manufacture jewelry on a large scale using cheap crafting techniques; compromising the quality of the jewelry as a result.


Tungsten wedding rings should probably never have been as expensive as they were. As overall pricing comes down, the potential for consumer confusion increases. In fact, you can see the variety of prices for tungsten wedding rings on

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